H2M Project Samples

At H2M, we believe that where people learn is just as important as what people learn; that the environment has a tremendous impact on people’s sense of curiosity, comfort, and motivation.  We design bright, engaging spaces that foster collaboration, encourage discovery, and inspire learners of all ages.  From elementary school classrooms, high school gymnasiums, athletic fields, auditoriums, media centers to mutli- facility campuses, H2M, working with our educational partners, set the stage for learning.  With decades of experience, we have developed the expertise necessary to address concerns and issues facing administrators in relation to their buildings, properties, and growing communities. View our gallery of education projects and let the H2M team assist you, contact our experts today.


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Guy Y. Page, R.A.
Senior Vice President
Education Market Director

Saverio J. Belfiore, AIA
Vice President
Education Market Director

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