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Melville, NY (December 12, 2016) – Joseph C. Ciserano is a Staff Architect at H2M architects + engineers. Joe’s responsibilities include working directly with project managers in the design and development of construction documents on a variety of projects. Through his experiences in the architecture industry, Joe has the blueprint to continue his already successful architectural career.

As a child Joe was regularly exposed to the architecture and engineering world. His father owned a small construction company, and his grandfather, who he lived with as well, was a drafting engineer for Northern Grumman. Joe actually learned how to read and build off of blueprints before he learned how to draft them. This hands-on construction experience provided a great foundation of knowledge that he still utilizes today. However, in college Joe decided to study Business Administration at SUNY Albany. While taking several business classes such as accounting, Joe realized that he was not passionate for the business industry, and it certainly was not the right fit for him. It was at that moment he realized, he had to go back to his family roots, and he decided to study architecture at NYIT. From there he took the industry head on and he never turned back.

Joe started his architecture career working at a small firm doing mostly residential work. Even though he still loves conducting residential architecture work, Joe took on the opportunity to expand his industry knowledge and work for a larger company, so he began working for H2M. Joe described that he loves the work that comes behind being an architect, and he is very happy that he made this particular career choice. When asked what he likes most about working at H2M he said, “There are great people who work here that come from all different backgrounds, and different expertise levels, it gives you the opportunity to learn off them, seeing their strengths, which allows you to improve your own skills.” Joe also likes how the architecture department consistently works as a team to get the project done to satisfy the client.

Joe described working on the Professional Development Committee as his biggest accomplishment he made at H2M so far. The committee was developed a few years ago by the architecture department in response to an employee engagement survey. The main goal of the committee was to “break down the studio walls” of the architecture department and provide an avenue for employees to collaborate and be mentored by someone that they normally wouldn’t have worked with in the past.

The committee started with a mentorship program, in which they assigned groups of 3-4 individuals and rotated the groups out each quarter. Each group contained a Mentor (usually somebody with more experience and senior level positon) and mentees. The committee also started to schedule guided site visits to various construction projects that were currently being worked on. This provided an opportunity for people to go out in the field and see something that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to. Kicking off in mid-January the committee is working on a university-style class system. They have gathered a group of senior staff (the “professors”) and are assisting them in developing classes that they will teach to groups of lower-level staff.

Joe has a very interesting life outside of the H2M walls as well. Joe loves to cook, especially on Sundays when he can make his famous pasta sauce for the Dallas Cowboys games. Coming from an Italian household and living with his grandparents Joe learned how to make a great sauce with sausage and meatballs. He has also attended two NFL Super Bowl games, showing his passion for the game of football. He also follows baseball, and his favorite team is the New York Yankees. Joe also added, “I was lucky enough to marry my best friend Courtney. She got me into skiing, and we take a few ski trips every year.” Joe and his wife also love to take road trips to upstate New York, and Vermont. He likes to exercise, preferably mountain biking, and he is also into running 5K’s. Most people may not know that Joe also knows the lyrics to hundreds of songs, spanning from classic rock to hip-hop.

Joe, from an early age, has found the blueprints to build a very successful career in the architecture department at H2M.

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