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Melville, NY (November 29, 2016) – H2M architects + engineers received the Juror’s Favorite Award at the RXR Plaza in Uniondale on November 14th. The award is equivalent of the “grand prize” for Canstruction, an annual food drive event where food is donated to those in need.

Since the beginning of Canstruction in 2007, H2M architects + engineers has participated in the event. H2M’s Canstruction team is beyond overjoyed at achieving the highest honor, it is even more special to the team to have been able to earn this award in Canstructions 10th Anniversary. The team is also very proud of the massive turnout at this years event. H2M’s Canstruction team consisted of 32 team members, created the structure called “Found Dory, Now Let’s Find a Solution to Hunger” out of salmon, tuna cans, and bottled water. Stay tuned for the H2M Canstruction 2016 video on

“The creativity from year to year keeps amazing me” said Tracy Lobdell executive director and treasurer of Canstruction Long Island.

H2M’s Canstruction idea began with a brainstorming session to decide on the 2016 Canstruction design. There were several fantastic ideas that were sketched and submittied. Each sketch was truly outstanding and garnered votes, but “Finding Dory” was overwhelmingly decided upon. H2M encourages its employees to work collaboratively and this process of deciding the 2016 Canstruction design perfectly exemplifies the companies commitment to a collaborative work environment.

H2M’s “Finding Dory” structure officially consisted of 6,340 cans, but unofficially included an additional 30 cereal cups/microwaveable treats and 10 cases of water. The structure utilized 1/8” hard board to level out various layers, packing tape where necessary and even the occasional piece of industrial Velcro for the trickier sections.

The “Finding Dory” Canstruction Build Out took place on October 26th at RXR Plaza in Uniondale. The awards ceremony was held on October 27th and the Canstruction structures remained on display until November 14th. Beyond the numerous hours spent in practice builds, design, and preparation for the actual build out, H2M employees worked on creating Finding Dory from 4:00pm until 2:30am, constituting 10 1/2 hours of effort to complete the structure.

H2M has a long history of supporting charitable endeavors with the INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) and other community programs as well. While the primary focus of the event is to contribute to local food banks, such as the INN, it is also an event geared specifically towards the talents of the industry. The industry’s top competitors and collaborators in the area make up the teams that participate in Canstruction. Participating allows H2M to showcase the ingenuity and talent of its employees against the best within our local Long Island industry.

The 2016 H2M Canstruction team consisted of Andrea Sobocinski, James Bianco, John Koziatek, Mike Freitas, Dana Nally, Catherine Schoen, Kelly Kuplicki, Scott Lehn, Nicholas Turk, Robert Bee, Maria Di Natale Scotto (and son Michael), Robert Ikes, Kevin Medler, Linda Price, Amanda Seidel, Chris Silliman, Crystal Soudant, Glynis Vidalon, and Russell Frohberg with key assistance and support throughout from Ron Lanner, Saverio Belfiore, Steve Hearl, Clara Sipic, Rich Humann, Bob Scheiner, Phil Bianco, Liz Uzzo, Joe Manzella, Ernie Iannucci, Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia, and John Mayo.

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