Project Spotlight: Lake Avenue St. James, NY

When you join H2M’s engineering team, you join a team of professionals dedicated to their community and environment.  Recently a team of H2M civil, water and wastewater engineers began a design and construction project to install dry sewers on Lake Avenue in St. James, NY.  This project is the first step in which will include a total streetscape overhaul planned by the Town of Smithtown with the goal of revitalizing the downtown community of St. James.

The Town of Smithtown has developed a 20-year revitalization plan, and part of that plan is to bring the Hamlet of St. James up to par with all the surrounding Villages and Hamlets.  The first part of this plan is to replace existing infrastructure that is considered outdated and then fix the roads and sidewalks.  In order to preserve the new surface features of the streetscape for the future, it was imperative to lay the groundwork for the underground utilities including drinking water distribution and wastewater collection so the Hamlet would be well prepared to accommodate the future business development along the commercial corridor.

A new gravity sewer main is being installed to collect wastewater from the commercial district to be connected to a new pump station.  From the proposed pump station, a new force main is being installed parallel to the gravity sewer such that the collected flow can be pumped to a future sewage treatment facility.  This $3.45 million construction job, fully funded by a DASNY grant, began in March 2020 and is expected to be completed by September 2020.

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