Vote H2M’s Canstruction Structure for People’s Choice Award

Canstruction Long Island’s 2019 exhibit is now open.  From now until November 18, visit RXR Plaza at 625 RXR Plaza in Uniondale, New York from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to view this year’s structures and submit your vote for People’s Choice.

Cans count as votes, so bring your canned goods to the exhibit and place them in H2M’s donation box in front of our structure to vote for us.

H2M employees voted on their favorite idea for this year’s structure.  Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet took the most votes and H2M’s Canstruction team executed it wonderfully.  Upon completion, the structure was comprised of 5,290 cans.

The Infinity Gauntlet is the glove that Iron Man wears and includes six different colors which represent six specific stones (represented with bags of chips):

– Red represents the reality stone

– Purple represents the power stone

– Orange represents the soul stone

– Yellow represents the mind stone

– Blue represents the space stone

– Green represents the time stone

To tie it all back together, H2M titled their structure “Snapping Back Humanity,” and had the following description for the audience:

The REALITY is that 283,700 people on Long Island go hungry every day; but we have the POWER to help.  Our Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet is ready to give life back to those struggling with hunger.  With sauce enough for over 2,500 meals, a hearty plate of pasta could warm the SOUL and provide the hope someone needs.  In essence, the metal suit to provide the MINDset to get through the day.  The veggies, with the help of some tuna, put the iron in Iron Man.  Filling this SPACE with over 5,000 cans to create Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet, we are able to use our TIME to feel a little like superheroes.

We hope you will stop by and see all the structures and vote for H2M.  We thank you for your support!


Special thank you to our sponsors:

NY Metro at Rockfon North America, BGA, Dal-Tile, The LandTek Group, Johnson Controls, Merrick Utility Associates Inc., Catan Equipment Sales, A.D.E. Systems Inc., Wales Darby Inc., Accardi Companies, and Baker Tilly Benefits Consulting.

For more information on our team captain, Andrea Sobocinski, please view our previous blog here!