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The use of treated wastewater for irrigation is typically reserved for more arid regions of the country and is not something you would expect to see on Long Island. However, Riverhead’s Indian Island Country Club has become the first of its kind.

The club, which is adjacent to a wastewater treatment plant, wanted to deviate from the use of their current onsite wells. A goal was set forth by the Riverhead Sewer District to begin using the treated effluent from the treatment plant for irrigation.

The continued use of groundwater as the primary source for irrigation has the potential to adversely affect the saltwater/freshwater boundary and irrigation by potable water is both expensive and stresses the existing potable water supply. With this in mind, H2M prepared a technical report for the pilot study and conducted a review of water reuse guidelines implemented by municipalities with longstanding programs for golf course irrigation by these means.

After careful consideration, the Riverhead Sewer District decided to proceed, commissioning H2M to design the treatment plant upgrades and water reuse systems.

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