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California-based Sunkist Growers wanted to reduce their water supply costs, and with a remote farm property that was going to be sold for development, they needed to eliminate the need for the existing discharge to the property.

H2M traveled cross-country to review Sunkist’s existing facility, its water use, and discharge permits. Inspections of the facility were then performed to best identify and evaluate how and where water was being utilized and wastewater was being generated. During the course of the inspection, two studies were conducted—a wastewater management study and a bench scale treatability study.

The wastewater management study was able to establish an overall water balance for the facility, identifying high water consumption areas and wastewater generation; provide recommendations for water conservation and reuse; and present a preliminary design for wastewater reclamation. The bench scale treatability study demonstrated the importance of solids removal in improving wastewater quality. These studies, combined with the inspections of the facility, led to a preliminary design that would provide Sunkist the ability to properly plan its cost-cutting plant upgrades.