Project Spotlight: Belleair Expansion

Project Spotlight: Belleair Expansion


Belleair is an existing residential complex consisting of 339 units spread across 11 buildings. The project underwent a significant expansion with the acquisition of two adjacent parcels by H2M’s client, a well-known national residential developer. H2M was entrusted with developing concepts to maximize the potential of this expansion, resulting in the creation of two new buildings and a significant increase in the number of units.

Expansion Details

New Buildings: H2M designed and developed two new buildings, adding a total of 169 units to the complex. These five-story structures were strategically constructed on a podium, seamlessly integrating with the existing residential area. The design approach was contextual, ensuring that the new buildings harmoniously fit within the aesthetics of the surroundings.

City Approval: The City of Clearwater approved the site plan for the expansion, reflecting the successful collaboration between H2M, the client, and local authorities. This approval was a pivotal step in realizing the project’s vision.

Ongoing Work: H2M will continue to be actively involved in the project, overseeing the final design phase and providing construction administration services. Our commitment to delivering a high-quality living environment remains steadfast throughout the development.

The Belleair Expansion is a testament to the collaboration, expertise, and innovation that defines H2M’s approach to architecture and development. We look forward to realizing the full potential of this project and continuing to shape the Florida real estate landscape by assisting clients to maximize the potential development of a property.