land use and environmental planning

Helping Communities Realize their Vision

H2M’s Land Use and Environmental Planning group is made up of a team of highly experienced and talented planners whose mission is to create lasting community assets. We assist our clients with direction to obtain opportunities to promote appropriate development and quality of life, and to remove obstacles to solving complex land use issues. H2M develops plans, policies, codes, and regulations that provide clear intent and strategies to achieve community vision. With expertise that spans rural, suburban, and urban settings, our Planning group can provide long-term, community-centered solutions you can depend on.

H2M’s environmental planners are experts in SEQRA procedure compliance and documentation preparation. We work with our engineers and architects to integrate environmental considerations into project planning to provide solutions that advance our client’s project goals while remaining protective of the environment.

Sharon Norton Remmer

Sharon Norton Remmer

Vice President
Director of Planning

Ms. Norton Remmer is an accomplished design professional with more than 35 years of extensive experience managing land use projects from inception through completion. In her role as Director of Planning, Sharon oversees the operations of the planning department and manage its major projects

Sharon has served her local hospital in a governance capacity for more than 30 years. Her contributions include oversight of several site improvement and facilities expansion and renovation projects. In her role as Chair of the Board, she worked closely with the New York State Department of Health staff and administrators in obtaining several Certificates of Need. Ms. Norton Remmer has insight into both the needs of the client/owner as well as the responsibilities of the consultant.

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Chavan. Sanyogita S. OUTSIDE cropped

Sanyogita Chavan, P.P., AICP

Practice Leader, Land Use Planning

Ms. Chavan is a professional planner with more than 27 years of professional experience, which includes seven years of experience in architecture and more than 20 years as a consultant providing comprehensive land use planning services to both private and public sector clients. She has expertise in all aspects of land use planning with profound knowledge of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, affordable housing, redevelopment statutes, and environmental regulations. Prior to joining H2M, Ms. Chavan served as Director of Planning for the Township of Middletown.

In her role as Practice Leader, Sanyogita oversees the everyday operations of the planning department and manage its many projects, including streetscape plans, design guidelines, redevelopment, Master Plans and ordinance preparation, affordable housing, municipal board representation, private testimony and land planning.

Ms. Chavan has the ability to coordinate and collaborate with various stakeholders to meet community needs.

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  • Land Use Planning and Zoning
  • Comprehensive Master Planning
  • Redevelopment Studies and Plans
  • Affordable Housing Plans
  • Community Engagement
  • Feasibility Studies and Concept Plans
  • Environmental Permitting
  • GIS Mapping and Analysis
  • Municipal Board Representation
  • Professional Private Testimony
  • Urban Design and Visual Simulations
  • Transportation Planning and Traffic Analysis
  • SEQRA, City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance
  • Environmental Assessment Forms and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Municipal SEQRA/CEQR/NEPA Review and Support
  • Coastal Zone Consistency/ Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) Assessments
  • Natural Resources Assessments


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H2M’s planning service covers the following markets listed below, please click “learn more” to view each market.


H2M designs bright, engaging spaces that foster collaboration, encourage discovery, and inspire learners of all ages. 

public safety

H2M’s architects and engineers apply their experiences as emergency service personnel to envision how a facility will be used on a day-to-day basis. 


H2M supports reforming America’s energy vision on all types of power generation, transmission and distribution projects by building on our proven success since 1933. 


With deep roots in all of our local communities, H2M designs creative, environmentally responsible projects tailored to each of our client’s needs.

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Our goal is to be considered a trusted adviser to our clients, and extension of their own in-house staff.

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From the due diligence to the grand opening, H2M helps make visions a reality.


Since its inception in 1933, H2M has been a leader in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment; once simply known as Sanitary Engineering.