Engineering Excellence: Transforming Healthcare with H2M at Smith Haven Mall

Engineering Excellence: Transforming Healthcare with H2M at Smith Haven Mall

In the Smith Haven Mall in Smithtown, NY, a transformative project has unfolded, reshaping a 170,000-square-foot Sears space into the groundbreaking Advanced Specialty Care facility. Spearheaded by H2M architects + engineers, this undertaking not only alters the structural landscape but establishes a paradigm shift in healthcare accessibility. The project showcases a transformative blend of innovation, collaboration, and engineering excellence, setting a new standard for public services.

Faced with the challenge of repurposing a massive space, the H2M team displayed initiative in integrating advanced HVAC and plumbing systems. Maneuvering through existing chiller, boiler, and air handler systems, the team creatively utilized packaged rooftop units to ensure both comfort and energy efficiency across diverse zones with varying outside air requirements.

The HVAC design was a delicate balance of cost and efficiency, with research guiding the implementation of packaged rooftop units, positively impacting both patient and staff experiences. In plumbing, managing sanitary waste limitations and elevation constraints was achieved through strategic pump controls and rerouting.

The team’s thoughtful approach extended to electrical systems, where repurposing and modification of the existing infrastructure saved time and costs for the client. Provisional conduit systems were strategically designed, allowing for future electrical feeders without disrupting completed areas. The incorporation of a new roof-mounted generator fortified the Essential Electrical System (EES), ensuring uninterrupted facility operation during emergencies.

This forward-thinking initiative establishes a new benchmark for healthcare HVAC design, serving as a model for future projects. Conduit systems and under-slab sanitary piping installed during the initial phase reflect a commitment to facilitating future electrical and plumbing connections without disrupting daily medical operations.

Beyond engineering, this facility stands as a beacon of social responsibility, offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services in a convenient location that caters to diverse community needs. The project’s commitment to reusing electrical equipment, managing costs effectively, and promoting sustainability through energy-efficient designs underscores its positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

The Advanced Specialty Care Facility, led by H2M architects + engineers, serves as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and engineering excellence; redefining healthcare accessibility. Notably, this project earned recognition by winning an ACEC NY Gold Award, reinforcing this project as an example of how engineering can elevate public services, ensuring a healthier, sustainable, and accessible future for the community.

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