H2M Wins Four ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Awards

H2M Wins Four ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Awards

Four engineering projects designed by H2M architects + engineers (H2M) received Engineering Excellence Awards last month from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of New York.

H2M proudly received four honors: a Gold Award for the West Nyack Hamlet Revitalization Park and Environmental Improvements; a Gold Award for the Hutchinson Valley Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation; a Gold Award for Stony Brook Clinical — MEP Engineering; and a Silver Award for the Rehabilitation and Storm Hardening of Pump Station No. 4.

ACEC New York is the largest coalition of engineering firms in New York State, representing nearly 300 member firms and supporting engineers throughout the state via education, advocacy, and knowledge sharing. The Engineering Excellence Awards program, first held over 50 years ago, showcases and celebrates the many significant contributions consulting engineers make to the built environment throughout the world.

In addition to celebrating among peers, the Engineering Excellence Awards program helps to publicize the many significant contributions that consulting engineers make to the built environment throughout the world. A full list of winning projects is available on the ACEC New York website, as well as information on purchasing tickets and sponsorships for the April 13th Engineering Excellence Gala, or contact (518) 452-8611 for more information.

About the Award-Winning ACEC New York Projects:

West Nyack Hamlet Revitalization Park and Environmental Improvements, Gold Award

The Town of Clarkstown undertook a significant revitalization initiative, transforming the West Nyack Playground and Park into a multifaceted space that addressed environmental concerns, reduced flooding, and revitalized community engagement. Recognizing the degraded wetlands and aging park amenities, the Town collaborated with the firm to implement a comprehensive plan. The project integrated a constructed wetlands system, naturalistic channels, an updated playground, and an educational trail, ensuring ecological restoration and flood mitigation. Beyond physical enhancements, the park’s educational elements and the Green Innovation Grant it received underscore its commitment to community well-being, sustainability, and responsible fiscal management. The project’s successful completion in May 2023 exemplifies engineering excellence and community-focused transformation.

Hutchinson Valley Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation, Gold Award

In Eastchester, New York, a critical sewer pipe on the southbound side of the Hutchinson River Parkway posed a contamination threat to a downstream nature preserve. Exposed joints, effected by erosion from the river and lateral earth load from the Parkway’s retaining wall, required immediate attention. The comprehensive project involved meticulous planning, permitting, and innovative adaptations due to site constraints and COVID-19 challenges. Nighttime trenching, a shortened bypass piping solution, and adept management of a hazardous work environment demonstrated ingenuity. The project’s success not only exceeded client expectations by eliminating environmental threats, but also showcased that embracing traditional methods can be more effective than relying solely on advanced technology. The project achieved sustainability, social benefits, and heightened public support, setting a precedent for future engineering projects.

Stony Brook Clinical — MEP Engineering, Gold Award

In the heart of Smith Haven Mall, NY, a groundbreaking transformation unfolded as a 170,000-square-foot Sears space transformed into the Advanced Specialty Care facility. Pioneering a holistic healthcare model, this project not only reshaped physical space but redefined healthcare accessibility. Amid integrating advanced HVAC and plumbing systems, the solution navigated existing infrastructure challenges, setting a new standard for efficiency and comfort. A thoughtful approach to cost-effective HVAC design and future-ready conduit systems showcased meticulous planning. The project’s social, economic, and sustainable impact resonates in its diverse healthcare offerings and energy-efficient designs. Overcoming complexities with adeptness, the facility surpassed expectations, establishing innovation in community-centric engineering.

Rehabilitation and Storm Hardening of Pump Station No. 4, Silver Award

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida’s impact in September 2021, Locust Valley Water District’s (LVWD) Plant No. 4 faced contamination and equipment damage. Despite supply chain delays, H2M’s innovative approach preserved the structure’s historical significance by opting for rehabilitation over replacement. Overcoming challenges of limited workspace and structural fragility, the project, completed in May 2023 under budget, sets a template for storm-hardening aging infrastructure. Beyond supplying 22% of LVWD’s water demand, the plant’s rehabilitation minimized environmental impact, showcasing a blend of historical preservation and engineering excellence. The success underscores the importance of appreciating both tangible and intangible values in infrastructure projects.