National Groundwater Week: Mitigating PFAS Chemicals in the Hudson Valley

National Groundwater Week: Mitigating PFAS Chemicals in the Hudson Valley

The Problem

PFAS chemicals have been a focused concern in drinking water in recent years due to their widespread presence in the environment and potential health effects. Often found in firefighting foam, industrial processes, and consumer products, these “forever” compounds threaten water sources and can contaminate groundwater and drinking water supplies. At H2M, our commitment to a rapid response extends beyond meeting deadlines. We strive to deliver effective, sustainable, and cost-effective PFAS treatment solutions that minimize impact on communities and the environment. With our expertise and dedication, we stand ready to address PFAS contamination challenges and help our clients achieve their goals in a timely manner.

The Solution/Project

Recently, H2M successfully completed a wellhead treatment project for Liberty Utilities (New York Water) Corporation at West Branch Acres in Carmel, NY. Two out of the three wells were exceeding NYS maximum contaminant levels of PFOA and PFOS. H2M’s design called for the installation of 3-foot diameter granular activated carbon (GAC) vessels, configured in a lead/lag arrangement, with an additional (N+1) vessel for operational. The treatment system was tied into the existing system before chlorination for disinfection and before going to the existing storage tank on site. H2M also designed a new 300 SF building to house the treatment system. Despite extended material delivery lead times, this system was placed online ahead of schedule and has been online and running to system since the beginning of 2024. All wells are back in service, and the new treatment system is treating PFOA/PFOS down to non-detectable levels, allowing our client to provide its customers with reliable safe drinking water and avoiding previous expenses with the purchase of outside water.

Project Team

Meet the fantastic minds behind this success!

  • H2M: Jessica Alves, Chelsea Martinez, Joe Todaro, Nina Lucana, Chris Del Gatto, Scott Lehn, Drew Lawrence, and Ken Gehringer
  • Liberty Utilities: Rosa Fernandez, Steve Wondrack
  • Coppola (Contractor): Paul Taylor, Joe Dasilva