What Will We See in 2023? H2M President and CEO Rich Humann, P.E. Shares His Thoughts

What Will We See in 2023? H2M President and CEO Rich Humann, P.E. Shares His Thoughts

Long Island Business News recently put forth an article focused on what lies ahead for business in 2023 with commentary from local Long Island leaders. Rich Humann, P.E., President and CEO of H2M joined this group of respected professionals to share H2M’s perspective. Read Rich’s comments below.

Although Superstorm Sandy was 10 years ago, Long Island’s infrastructure still needs upgrades and repairs. Homes have been raised along the south shore and several protective measures have been taken through state and federal financial assistance. Municipalities and utilities have begun planning for storm hardening, various means of shoreline stabilization, and upgrades to existing energy transmission and distribution systems, all with a common goal: to build resilient infrastructure capable of withstanding future severe weather events.

The risk of more frequent, intensifying storm events should re-shape our collective mindset about funding and infrastructure planning. Federal and state infrastructure funding needs to be more quickly distributed to municipalities and utilities. This funding is essential for proper preparation. Proactivity is key; reaction isn’t an option.

In 2023, we also expect to see a growth in embracing renewable energy sources by implementing wind power and solar energy. Energy storage is also needed for our grid that currently cannot receive and distribute power from decentralized sources. Long Island’s infrastructure needs to be better prepared and 2023 is the perfect time for all stakeholders to act in concert to plan, fund, and execute resiliency and hardening projects before it’s too late.

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