2022-2023 Awards

2022-2023 Awards

H2M is proud to recognize the many award-winning achievements of 2022-2023. These awards span our markets and disciplines, and are a representation of the hard work and dedication of our staff. A constant across this outstanding work is the focus on communities, which remains our top priority as we continue to expand and develop innovative design solutions to complex problems.

About the Awards

AIA Long Island Chapter Archi Awards: Oceanside Library

The Oceanside Library’s mantra is “innovative service offered with a ‘can-do’ spirit,” a vision met with cutting-edge services and innovative programming. In response to this call, the design team created a welcoming, flexible, state-of-the-art community hub and platform for creativity. The new structure reimagines their former library with a 48,000-square-foot design that is 50% larger than the existing one. The results of sustainability, biophilic design, and universal design goals are visible throughout the library and landscaped site.

AIA Long Island Chapter Archi Awards: Environmental Education and Resiliency Center at Hempstead Lake State Park

As part of the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery’s Living with the Bay project, Hempstead Lake State Park’s new 8,000-square-foot Environmental Education and Resiliency Visitor Center has spaces for public gathering, learning, and training. In addition to the new building, this park improvement project also includes public lake access, ADA-compliant docks, trail improvements, bird-watching platforms, interpretive and educational signage, and a parking field with green infrastructure. Environmental benefits of the new infrastructure include ecological restoration, groundwater recharge, and improved public awareness.

Long Island Business News: Top Architecture Firm

H2M remains a vibrant and active community-minded company, positioned to provide opportunities for employees, partners, and clients to drive success for decades ahead; and to make Long Island a great place to live and work. Founded in 1933 as a modest Bethpage-based firm focused on partnering with clients and building long term relationships, H2M’s experience over the past 90 years has developed the company into one of Long Island’s premier full-service design firms offering architecture, interior design, and all engineering disciplines under one roof.

Long Island Business News Top Education Project, Nassau County: Westbury Middle School

Westbury Middle School serves more than 1,000 students in grades 6-8. To accommodate the growing student population, an addition and alterations to the existing building were necessary. H2M completed the addition in September 2021 with the alterations completed in the winter of 2022. The addition included a new school entrance, two-story classroom wing, cafeteria, and a main office and school administration offices. The thought process behind the design decisions made were ones that considered a reduction in overcrowding and more efficient uses of the space. By moving the main entrance to the addition, as opposed to it remaining in the existing building, overcrowding that had existed within the corridors of the existing building were eased. This allowed better access to high traffic areas such as the kitchen, cafeteria, and gymnasium. As a result of the thoughtful design choices made by H2M, Westbury Middle School will continue to successfully engage and protect students in their learning environment for years to come.

FIREHOUSE Magazine Station Design Award, Volunteer/Combination Category: Waterford Fire Station

In the wake of Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, the Village of Waterford needed to improve their emergency services infrastructure. The three aging fire stations were too small to meet their needs and were operationally unsafe. Partially funded by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, the new station is a consolidated, centralized location that meets the community’s emergency response needs.

ACEC New Jersey Engineering Excellence Awards, Water Resources: Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority (ACMUA) Emergency PFC Treatment Gold Award

New Jersey was one of the first states to set maximum PFAS contaminant limits. The client’s surface water and groundwater supplies were contaminated by the foam used in firefighting drills at the nearby Atlantic City International Airport and required emergency PFAS treatment to achieve compliance within the year. H2M was tasked with rapidly designing and deploying an emergency PFAS treatment system. No other firms or subcontractors consulted on the project, but there were weekly meetings with the client’s engineering committee and their external consultant. In addition to the project design and engaging with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), H2M exceeded client expectations by filling a consulting role. Even before the contract was signed, H2M offered recommendations for how the client could immediately improve their water quality. H2M also ran analyses and built models to determine the most cost-efficient solution to avoid imposing financial burdens on the community.

ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Awards, Building/Technology Systems: Environmental Education and Resiliency Center at Hempstead Lake State Park Platinum Award

The Environmental Education and Resiliency Visitor Center at Hempstead Lake State Park is a centralized destination for visitors/staff with spaces for public gathering, learning, and training. The 8,000-square-foot facility in West Hempstead, NY offers hands-on learning on storm resiliency/environmental management, space for community outreach, and serves as an emergency coordination center during disaster response. The project is part of the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery’s $125 million Living with the Bay initiative.

ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Awards, Waste and Storm Water: Calverton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion Platinum Award

The Enterprise Park at Calverton, owned by the Town of Riverhead, originally held a 68,000 gallons per day (GPD) wastewater treatment plant. The town sought to sell and develop the surrounding land, which required upgrades to the current facility. H2M was tasked with upgrading and expanding the capacity of the existing plant in a cost-effective way that allows for future expansions while also eliminating a point source of nitrogen pollution from the nationally recognized Peconic Estuary. The project exceeded the client’s expectations by providing a level of treatment quality that easily met monthly permit levels, thereby allowing the operations team to focus on preventative maintenance and day-to-day operations.

ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Awards, Building/Technology Systems: New Fire Station for Halfmoon Waterford Fire District No. 1 Silver Award

Halfmoon Waterford Fire District has a growing rural and suburban population, and the Board of Fire Commissioners recognized the safety needs of this population would not be served well by an aging, cold-war era fire and medical response infrastructure. The Board proposed a facility that would house not only fire apparatus but provide for continuity of the strong community engagement they have promoted for many years.

Canstruction Long Island, Juror’s Favorite Award: It’s A-Me, Mario!

For the third year in a row, the H2M team won the Juror’s Favorite Award in the Canstruction Long Island, Inc. competition. The team used more than 4,500 cans to build an incredible sculpture of Mario coming out of his warp pipe. These cans were then donated to provide almost 2,000 meals to those in need across Long Island.