H2M Education Market Deputy Director Graduates from Energeia Partnership Program

H2M Education Market Deputy Director Graduates from Energeia Partnership Program

H2M architects + engineers’ Education Market Deputy Director and Vice President Michael Lantier, P.E., recently graduated from Molloy University’s Energeia Partnership program. Also known as the Academy for Regional Stewardship, this program unites leaders across Long Island’s public, private, and not-for-profit sectors to address the region’s most complex issues.

Every two years, a new class of 50 established leaders participates in multiple full-day programs that each focus on a different issue, such as taxation, education, institutional racism, criminal justice, poverty, land use, energy, transportation, healthcare, and more. The goal of Energeia is to furnish each attendee with the information, network, and support necessary to enact change and corrective action across Long Island.

“For me, the Partnership was a great opportunity to connect with other Long Island leaders and get their insight on the same issues we’re all facing,” Lantier explained. “Long Island has a lot of complex issues that need to be further addressed. Working together with other leaders is our best chance at developing solutions that can meet everyone’s needs for a sustainable future in the region that we love.”

Usually translated into modern English as “energy,” energeia is an Ancient Greek word popularized by the philosopher Aristotle. Together with its pair, “dynamis,” these terms are the foundation of some of Aristotle’s most influential theories. Although Aristotle never fully defined energeia, Molloy University defines it as “the demonstration of inner character in deeds…goodness plus efficiency.”

Past graduates of the Energeia Partnership who are currently at H2M include Chief Operating Officer Joseph Mottola, AIA; Chief Market Director Dennis Kelleher, P.E.; and Studio Director Rick Wiedersum, AIA.