New York State
Tank Work

As part of the H2M family of professional services, the coatings inspection department has over two decades ofhistory in providing services across the tri state region.

H2M has maintained a term contact with New York State Office of Government Services better known as OGS since 2010.  H2M has been awarded four consecutive term contracts over the past 9 years.  H2M has been awarded more than ninety projects over that 9 years period.  These projects span across New York State from Queens to Cape Vincent, to Buffalo.  These projects include a host of diverse project from elevated water tank rehabilitations to water main projects.  H2M’s coatings and tank group has performed Present Condition Evaluations (PCE) on more than eighty tanks, ranging from ground water storage tanks to elevated water storage tanks, and  total rehabilitation specifications for more than twenty tanks over the nine-year time period.  H2M has a well-diversified engineer staff and NACE coatings inspection staff at the ready to provide expert services all across the Tri State region.

The coatings inspection team has  provided professional inspections services in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  We have come to realize that the need for coatings inspections services across the region is in high demand.  H2M has taken a proactive approach to build a dynamic team of coatings professionals, in order to support the needs of our clients across the region and beyond.  The H2M coatings group includes SSPC trained engineers, contracts support, and NACE inspectors.  Our focus is to provide a turnkey project for the end user.  In this approach we can provide proven engineered coatings specifications and designs.  Our turnkey approach leverages the depth of NACE and SSPC seasoned engineering and inspection staff to insure the projects are completed to the owner’s needs and expectations.

The ultimate goal isto provide unprecedentedvalue to our clients that have entrusted H2M with their new or rehabilitated structure.

For more information regarding tanks’ coatings and inspections please contact
Arthur Eschete, Jr.,-Department Manager of Coatings

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