Announcing H2M’s New Office In Florida

H2M architects + engineers has been providing architectural and engineering services to the tri-state area for more than 88 years. Today, we are proud to announce that we have opened our first office in Florida.

This announcement comes as H2M has recognized that the State of Florida has growth opportunities for many of our markets, including Water, Real Estate, Energy, and Insurance, that align with H2M’s strengths.

“Florida is experiencing record growth and infrastructure expansion, which in many ways parallels our experience on Long Island and the northeast, and our expertise complements these expansion efforts,” says H2M’s CEO and President, Richard Humann, P.E. “H2M has the expertise needed to address these issues and establishing a physical presence in the State will ensure we are prepared to pursue all opportunities. This signals a time of strategic growth for us which will benefit the future of H2M and the many communities we serve.”

Dennis M. Kelleher, P.E., Executive Vice President will be taking the lead with assistance from James J. Roberts, P.E., Market Director of Water/Wastewater, Michael J. Bonacasa, AIA, Market Director of Real Estate, and James T. Powers, AIA, Chief Growth and Development Officer, and we anticipate growth over time as necessary.