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H2M brings peace of mind to Somers with high-tech surveillance

H2M brings peace of mind to Somers with high-tech surveillance

Embracing technology to protect its students, Somers Central School District tasked H2M architects + engineers with coordinating and designing the nearly $11 million safety and security upgrades program across 4 school buildings and 2 campuses totaling 575,000 square feet.

This multi-faceted effort focused on electrical and communication system upgrades with video analytics to assist with a variety of safety concerns. Integration of a new state-of-the-art surveillance system with a new access control system is essential for remote lock down of the full district or individual schools.

Parents can breathe easier knowing staff is trained on new safety protocols and communication is readily available from PA announcements via new intercom stations to auto-call for first responders plus text and email alerts. Window security film on all grade-level exterior windows and all interior rooms off the corridors allows privacy. Hundreds of high-tech cameras can recognize objects and license plates, count occupants, and trigger alarms.

This program is a point of pride for H2M, epitomizing our vision of a safe, healthy, well-connected school community.