Winter Damage Claims Assistance

Extremely cold weather presents a high risk of pipe freeze-ups.  While many insurance companies will cover damages from a freeze-up, polices state that the insured must demonstrate that measures were taken to prevent the freeze.

Standard homeowner policies do not provide coverage for damage resulting from a pipe rupture if the cause of the loss is considered due to a lack of maintenance, or the homeowner’s failure to maintain adequate heat in the home.  Common failures include turning off the heat, setting thermostats too low, running out of fuel oil, or allowing excessive leaks and drafts to enter the home.

If you suspect that an insured has failed to adequately heat a dwelling, H2M can e perform a K-factor analysis to determine how much fuel was consumed relative to the ambient temperatures.  The outcome of the analysis may be just what you’re looking for to determine the freeze-up’s cause and origin.

The Trouble with Ice Damming and Excessive Snow Loads

When looking at an ice damming or snow load claim, we all know to look for a possible point of water infiltration, but did you know the ice damming/snow load can also occur as a result of faulty construction?  An improperly pitched gutter, inadequately flashed roof, or inadequately ventilated attic can also allow for water to infiltrate the residence and cause damage. H2M is able to conclude whether the damage was collected by a sudden event or if preexisting conditions allowed for the damage to happen.

When it comes to heavy snow loads on a structure, a bowed wall is usually the damage claimed.  During these types of inspections, H2M has been able to identify causes of damage quickly and accurately, whether it be a heavy load from the roof, a  recent impact, or historical damage to the underlying framing members.  If winter weather damage has you stumped on the cause of damage, H2M may have the answer you’re looking for.  Whether it’s damage caused by ice damming, snow loads, or a historical problem, that is just now manifesting itself, let H2M decipher it for you.


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