ACE Mentor Students Receive Scholarships

H2M architects + engineers is a sponsor of the ACE Mentor Program, which stands for Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. The ACE Mentor Program provides a forum for high school students to be mentored and inspired to pursue careers in architecture and engineering design as well as the construction industry.

This year, our team took on the challenge of designing a Library Pavilion in Central Park. They were tasked first with defining; what is a pavilion? Each team completed a precedent analysis, and then a site analysis before they started their design. The end product were five unique designs, including underground structures, an elevated “tree house” and even a domed planetarium. The students took into consideration light, water, and perspective as some of their design tactics. While we had to end our face to face sessions early on, through virtual interaction, our architects and engineers were still able to collaborate with our team to finalize their designs and produce drawings and diagrams.

Six of our ACE Mentor senior students received ACE scholarships totaling $20,000. Additionally, one of our students, Tiffany Wu wont the Architects Foundation $20,000 Diversity Advancement Scholarship. She is one of six students Nationwide to win this scholarship!