H2M’s Adriana Concepcion-Cardona Becomes a Registered Architect

H2M architects + engineers proudly announces and congratulates Adriana Concepción-Cardona for becoming a Registered Architect in the State of New York.  In receiving her licensure, Mrs. Concepción-Cardona also earned the promotion from Project Designer to Project Architect at H2M’s Melville, NY headquarters.  Working closely with emergency services, municipal, and public agency clients, her experience includes schematic design/pre-bond development, design development, and construction documents.

Mrs. Concepción-Cardona has seven years of experience in the industry and is a resident of Hauppauge.  She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University.

Please join H2M in congratulating Adriana Concepción-Cardona, R.A.!