H2M delineates wetlands and flood plain for Rose Street property

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Parsippany, New Jersey – H2M has been contracted by Little Falls Township officials to prepare an environmental constraints map for three parcels owned by the Township in preparation for the Rose Street property to be sold to developers.

The three parcels, totaling over 12 acres, are located near the Peckman River. The wetlands and flood plain must be identified and environmental restrictions must be determined before the parcels can be properly redeveloped. In order to prevent additional flooding of the parcels and minimize disturbance to the region’s wetlands, strict compliance with the mapping and restrictions is necessary during future development. H2M’s scope of work included field surveys, mapping, and a review of restrictions and regulations relating to the property. The final product was a map that identifies wetlands, boundary information, and environmental constraints.

“H2M’s team of architects and engineers has been carefully mapping the land to prepare the property for future sale and development,” said H2M President/CEO Rich Humann. “We are assisting the Township in fulfilling their environmental goals while elevating their opportunities for economic development going forward.”

“We are happy to have H2M provide Little Falls Township with the information needed to begin the development of the Rose Street property in a safe and responsible way,” said Joanne Bergin, Little Falls Town administrator. “This will benefit the environment as well as the people of the Little Falls community.”

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