Rethinking Office Design Post COVID-19

Largely populated office buildings need to find ways to disperse the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of employees to allow them to feel comfortable as they return to the office. Most people who work within this setting are commuters who use public transportation daily. Due to the current circumstances, many usual commuters wish to avoid public transportation for the foreseeable future.

So, how do you increase productivity and collaboration? Strategically relocating your office spaces to accommodate your workforce is one option. Rather than housing all employees in one large office building, the answer may perhaps be in more smaller sized offices closer to where your employees live. This would not only reduce the need for public transportation, but also limit the number of people in one concentrated area.

H2M architects + engineers is well-versed in all aspects of interior design and has ample experience in retrofitting offices to best meet the needs of the client and employees. We offer consultations and design recommendations so you can open your doors once again.

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