Project Spotlight – Westchester Joint Water Works – Winged Foot Tank Rehabilitation

H2M has completed several projects over the years for Westchester Joint Water Works (WJWW). Most Recently, after inspecting WJWW Winged Foot Tank in Mamaroneck, NY, it was determined that a new exterior and interior water cavity coating was required. Additionally, the tank required a new tank vent, roof railing, interior tank lighting, beacon light, cable and conduit mounting brackets and roof shroud, and modifications to tank hatches. H2M was engaged to design and prepare contract documents and provide construction administrative and observation services for rehabilitation.

The tank is located on Winged Foot Golf Club Golf Course. This is a prestigious golf club that was hosting the 2020 US Open for the United State Golf Association. The tank had to be rehabilitated and painted in time for the Open, as the tank is seen in many of the backdrops of the club.

In order to comply with Westchester County, Mamaroneck Police, and Mamaroneck Fire, the railings of the tank were designed to accommodate future and existing clearances required for emergency services radio antennas. The tank located on a golf course presented several site constraints, including limited space for storage of large equipment associated with a painting project and a pond that was classified as a wetland adjacent to the site. In order to not disturb the wetland, equipment needed to be stored off site and away from the slope. All of these aspects required very distinct coordination with the golf course

To add to the constrictions of the work area, set-up for the U.S. Open began well before the actual tournament and was ongoing during construction, all in the midst of the initial COVID-19 shutdown. Due to the compacted schedule, weekend work was required to take place in order to meet the timetable. Special accommodations in terms of working hours were also put in place as the level of noise during the blasting process could have been disruptive to residents. Besides the U.S. Open, other tournaments were held at the golf course throughout the construction, so the work schedule had to be revised to accommodate for those events as well

The success of the project was largely based on consistent communication between the contractor, H2M, and WJWW. Bi-weekly meetings were held to maintain progress and keep the project on schedule. Through detailed planning and coordination, the rehabilitation project was a major success. Visuals of the newly rehabilitated tank can be seen on numerous television shots and photos from media coverage of the 2020 U.S. Open and on the U.S.G.A. website.