Timothy McGuire Receives “40 Under 40” Award from Consulting Specifying Engineer

Timothy McGuire, P.E., has been been recognized for his contribution to the engineering industry by receiving the Consulting Specifying Engineer “40 Under 40” award.


About Tim McGuire, P.E.:


Tim started his career at H2M in 2009 and is currently a Discipline Engineer where he applies his knowledge in engineering principles and practices to oversee and coordinate public water supply projects.  Tim earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University and his Professional Engineering License in New York in 2016.  As an engineer, Tim takes a thoughtful approach to each task at hand and always strives to produce a quality product.

The most notable project that Tim has worked on thus far in his career is the ongoing project with the Water Authority of Western Nassau County (WAWNC), H2M’s largest client.  This project, made a priority by WAWNC, consisted of the treatment of five wells; four for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and one for Nitrate.  Prior to treatment, these wells had been out of service for several years due to concentrations above New York State Maximum Contaminant Levels; which are not allowed to be used as a drinking water source.  That being said, Tim has also been instrumental in H2M’s rapid deployment of the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) treatment for the emerging technology and Tim is extremely well versed in the characteristics of 1,4-dioxane and the proper way to initiate treatment.  Both of these projects coincide with Tim’s passion for engineering and demonstrate his overall career goal of ensuring clean drinking water on Long Island.

Tim is still making strides in his career day in and day out, but he already knows that when the time comes for him to hang up his hard hat, he wants to be remembered for the long lasting solutions he played a part in.  He hopes that future engineers will acknowledge his work similarly to how he acknowledges the work of the engineers before him – with a sense of appreciation and respect for the value they have added.